The coaching process is how to enable the client to resolve issues. Tow options are available, it has to be determines case by case: one to one or with groups.  Executive coaching can be about business and attitude. Coaching can be about an element of business or work as well as personal issues.

Increasing in popularity to build on individual performance development, group coaching brings the conversations into a wider context that can provide invaluable feedback and new perspectives. The client might be looking to grow team understanding and cohesion, or improve collaboration and sharing. Coaching in small groups and teams enables people to have critical and progressive conversations, benefiting both the individuals and the group as well as having positive organizational impact.

Also, we mentor on topics where the coach has the knowledge of the subject in addition to the coaching skills.


One of the greatest opportunities for success lies in the alignment of the company’s strategies with the administration’s business objectives. The aggressive use of best practices will help your company/firm to achieve your business objectives as well the growth of your agendas. Reliable – We see our role as an extension of your team. Our team is always available whenever you need us. Affordable – We consistently provide a cost effective, dependable service to small and medium sized businesses, this allows us to concentrate our expertise in delivering appropriate value for money solutions. User Friendly – We won’t confuse you with “Techie” talk. Instead, we communicate with you in user friendly language. Reputable – Confirmation of our reputation comes from our clients, their satisfaction with our performance and the long-standing relationships we continue to enjoy. Connected – Our expertise and experience, the strength of our relationships with a trusted network of leading partners and our knowledge of the business industry will allow you to benefit from economies of scale and a rapid response when using our partners tried and tested products and services.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Strategic and Business Planning.
  • Marketing and Market Research.
  • Export Coaching.
  • Performance Evaluation.
  • Organization Structuring & Restructuring.
  • Process Management & Improvement.
  • Analysis, Assessment, improvement, and re-engineering of business processes.
  • Policies & Procedures Documentation.
  • Systems Design, Development, and Documentation:
  • Quality Management
  • Materials Management & Purchasing
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Costing (Process Costing, Job Costing etc.)

Service Listing

Marketing for Service Companies

  • Marketing for SMEs
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Customer Service

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Export Management

  • Export Skills and Techniques
  • Export to Europe and the USA
  • Arab Free Trade Agreement (AFTA)
  • Export Guide (Step by Step towards Success)

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Management /Soft Skills

  • Time Management
  • Donor Programs Supporting
  • Public Presentation Skills
  • The Japanese Lessons
  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership and Supervision
  • Meetings Management
  • Good-to-Great

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