Executive Summary

The Executive Summary abstracts in two or three pages the key points of the business, the reasons customers need the product or service, and to entice the reader to review the accompanying information. It is a concise presentation of the business without the supporting arguments.

Suggestions for elements to be covered under Executive Summary:

    1. Company History: When, where and why did the Company begin to operate?
    2. Principals: Who are the principals; what are their capabilities; and what is their financial stake in the company?
    3. Product or Service: What does the company sell; are the products new or established; are they protected by patents; and are more products being developed?
    4. Market: Where does the Company’s product sell; how does the Company penetrate the market place; what companies are playing pivotal roles in the market place; what is the growth trend?
    5. Financial: This should be a summary that is one half page in length that condenses the historical sales and earnings of the company, including a summary of the pro forma forecasts.
    6. How many dollars are needed for the business and how will it help the company achieve its goals?

The subject headings and additional questions are not intended to be all-inclusive. You, the entrepreneur, are transferring vital information on your business and the reader needs a sense of order and continuity. You should be creative in the presentation of the business. Do not make the plan too long. Detailed support information or in-depth analyses are better included in the appendices. Business plans are used to describe your business, its strategies and opportunities for the future. The development of a clear, concise presentation on the business will encourage a careful review of your material.

This section begins to develop for the reader the detail leading to a better understanding of the business and the opportunity being presented. The summary highlights the important facets of the business. Now supportive material documents the underlying business strategy of the company.

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