There are various studies that show advantages correlation for firms to participate in trade fairs. For instance the important of trade fairs for firms are, introduction of new products to a large number of people, the enhancement of goodwill, uncovering potential of customers, promotion of existing products, reinforcement of existing customer relationships, gathering competitors information and general marketing research. Also, the main advantage of trade fair is that business firms have the ability both to involve the visitors and to interact with them. When the exhibitor utilizes the trade fair as a communication tool this means it create the direct and personal interaction between the company and its target group in order to create unique and lasting memories.

Moreover, when company participate in trade fair contacting customers at lower cost, as opposed to advertising, they enable companies to test their products at the same time market them appropriately. And also give the foreign companies the possibility to understand the international competitors and lastly provide them the possibility to investigate on potential channels of distribution. Thus, this is an opportunity for exhibitors to choose the right fair which help the company to enjoy the advantages which fairs offer to exhibitors for example to contribute the formation of international business relations which are very important on global market. This emphasizes that the application of trade fair become an important market technique for small business because small firm they have limited budgets and centralized management structure compare to a big companies.

Many firms want create brand image of their company through advertisements and sell promotion for the purpose of attracting customers, increasing sells and as a result enhancing the income of organization, but through budget constrain and insufficient resource firms cannot afford to advertise and promote their products through social media. Thus participating in trade fair can help them to reduce advertisement and promotion cost.

Some positive effects of trade fair to all stakeholders, by concludes that trade fair makes the firms to concentrate in a quality product, good ways of product presentation and assessment of buyer reaction, audience interest, reaching the unknown and viewing the competition. In line with this contention, in most countries, trade fair has greatly contributed to the development of manufacturing and service sectors and it has been recognized as a significant sector in employment creation, income generation, and poverty alleviation and as a base for industrial development.

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