Training, Coaching and Consulting is our core business, we offer to our clients a tray of services customized to meet their needs and allow growth and expansion. We assisted service companies including banks, manufacturing companies, SMEs, Business Associations, Donor Support Programs and NGOs.

Our experienced consultants/trainers are specialized in developing innovative client solutions based on their considerable experiences in management, human resources, and operational management in a variety of industries and can help guide you in your investment decision making process and put you on the right track for success. We are flexible and are able to respond to our clients’ needs for an individual specialist or an entire project team for short or long-term engagements. We help Jordanian firms and business associations to start or enhance their exports.

Why choose us


One of the greatest opportunities for success lies in the alignment of the company's strategies with the administration’s business objectives. The aggressive use of best practices will help your company/firm to achieve your business objectives as well the growth of your agendas.

Event Management

We feel that the essential ingredient in creating a successful event is quality communication between our staff and our clients. Therefore, we will spend all of the time necessary to listen to a client's ideas and event objectives.

Export Coaching Process ECP

A coach tutors or instructs a person to achieve a specific goal or skill.

Characteristics of a coach:

  • Trainer
  • Instructor
  • Tutor
  • Focus on one or two skills at a time
Creating the Final Plans

When creating a development plan, there must be consistent steps outlined, allowing your export employee the opportunity to learn, apply, measure and assess their development.  This process is designed to approach the planning activity in a consistent and efficient manner.

  • Marketing for Service Companies
  • Export Management
  • Management /Soft Skills

Our mission

منذ تأسيس أعمالنا كنصب بارز في عالم الاستشارات والتدريب ، قمنا بتحسين برامجنا وخدماتنا لتتماشى مع النمو التكنولوجي في العصر الحديث واحتياجات عملائنا المحليين والدوليين.

مستشارونا ذوو الخبرة المتخصصون في تطوير حلول مبتكرة للعملاء بناءً على خبراتهم الكبيرة في إدارة الأحداث ، والتسويق والحملات الترويجية ، والموارد البشرية ، والإدارة التشغيلية في مجموعة متنوعة من الصناعات ويمكن أن يساعدوك في إرشادك في عملية اتخاذ القرار المالي الخاص بك ووضعك على المسار الصحيح للنجاح. نحن مرنون وقادرون على الاستجابة لاحتياجات عملائنا لأخصائي فردي أو فريق مشروع كامل للمشاركات قصيرة أو طويلة الأجل.

أنشطتنا الرئيسية هي خدمات الاستشارات والتدريب وإدارة الأحداث وتطوير الأعمال وتحسينها.

ساهمت الشركات التابعة لنا المحلية والدولية مثل جمعيات الأعمال الأردنية والمنظمات غير الربحية والهيئات العالمية ، بشكل كبير في سمعتنا ومكانتنا في السوق.


To be recognized by the public and private corporations as a distinguished and accredited service provider for consulting, training and development.


To provide services according to the utmost professional quality standards.


To instill a profound faith in the public and private sectors corporations both on the national and regional level by providing professional and quality services to achieve goals.


Organizing several activities such as: events, courses, programs, sessions and gatherings, to mention a few:

Organizing events: such as conferences, trades missions and exhibitions.

Conducting studies and providing consultation.

Cooperating and coordinating with other corporations to undertake several training-related projects.

Our experience

Consulting 61%
Coaching 75%
Training Services 63%
Event Management 50%
Business Development 50%

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