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Event Management

We feel that the essential ingredient in creating a successful event is quality communication between our staff and our clients. Therefore, we will spend all of the time necessary to listen to a client’s ideas and event objectives. Once an event strategy is agreed upon, we endeavor to keep our clients posted of event status and developments. We believe this time is well spent, it allows our staff to proceed with confidence knowing the needs and expectations of our clients, and in turn, our clients can relax and enjoy an event that is polished, creative and bears their unique signature.

It is a complete process, including (but not limited to):
  • 1

    Assessing the export readiness

  • 2

    Conducting gap analysis

  • 3

    Drafting plans and budgets

  • 4

    Delivering training and coaching

  • 5

    Identifying potential markets

  • 6

    Screening markets

  • 7

    Initiate the export plan

  • 8

    Develop the action and budgeting plans

  • 9

    Implementation, finding potential importers and secure deals

  • 10

    Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Module One

    Getting Started

    The focus will be on how to better coach your employees to higher performance. Coaching is a process of relationship building and setting goals. An easy-to-understand coaching model taught in this assignment will guide you through the process.

  • Module Two

    Defining Coaching and Mentoring

    The goal of this module is to define both concepts and introduce a coaching model that will allow you to focus on improving performance and enhance exports.

  • Module Three

    Setting Goals

    This module will discuss setting goals with an easy-to-remember technique. This is the first component or the “G” of the GROW method of coaching. We will explore what this is and how to be developed.

    Benefits to establishing goals upfront in the process:

    • Your export employee will have a better chance of starting in the right direction together.
    • Coaching time is more efficient once goals are discussed upfront.
    • You are able to plan ahead of the session and prepare targeted questions.
    • The coaching session is direct and avoids meandering.
    • You will come across more clear, instilling confidence in your employees.
  • Module Four

    Understanding the Realities

    In this module, you will learn how to place that stake in the ground, marking the beginning of the coaching journey. Examining the current realities is the second component or the “R” of the GROW model.

    Identifying Obstacles

    • Identify the obstacle: Have a frank discussion and determine what is blocking the performance.
    • Root out the cause: Many times underlying emotions or problems may be the cause of the obstacles.
    • Antidote given: A remedy to the situation is needed in order to get past this obstacle. Brainstorm on ways to remove the obstacles.


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